"Hi Pauline! I got the ring from grandpa this afternoon. Very special, the ring is fantastic. Wonderful to see in real life! I am very happy with it, thank you very much for the whole process, the good communication and the nice messages! And the end result is really very clever. I was just too late for a photo with sunlight on the ring, but still 2 photos here. I think the fit is good, it doesn't go off easily, but it does! ' Marieke

  'Since 1995 I have been working with Pauline and Jan, a golden duo where craftsmanship, technical skills and creative insight come together. Both for Chi ha paura ...? as for my own designs, we have developed many concepts together into full-fledged products. Every time I go to Schoonhoven I look forward to seeing it. '

Gijs Bakker, Designer  

'We were looking for Memory jewelry and went to Schoonhoven, home of the craft. Through a tip we came to Pauline and Jan. We had a difficult assignment, but because of the craftsmanship of (in our case) Pauline, we now have jewelry for life. We experienced the entire process on the way to the end product as very pleasant. Thinking along in the use of materials, concept and idea, patience, understanding, creativity, new insights, friendliness and hospitality; it was all there! Top end result and an experience that we would not have wanted to miss. '
Wim and Monica

'My mother died and I had quite a few jewelry from her. I wanted to make something beautiful for myself and my 2 daughters with my mother's jewelry incorporated. In addition, it would be nice if my parents' ashes could also be processed in it. A friend of mine indicated that I had to visit Pauline and Jan once, because they really make very special and beautiful jewelry.

So I came to Pauline and Jan. with a bag of jewelry and my family. Not knowing what we really wanted, but Pauline listens and starts sketching on a sheet of paper until you think… yes, this is it. After some time, the most beautiful and creative things really came out. The personal contact and the translation of wishes into something great is a really special experience. As a result, we are customers for life.' Anja

'Years ago, Pauline transformed a simple sketch for my wife into a beautiful piece of jewelry. That was so inspiring that I took lessons with her. With a lot of patience and creativity she taught me (at my modest level) tricks of goldsmithing. After that many contacts followed between my wife, Jan, Pauline and myself, in which Pauline and Jan always surprised us with their creative designs and great craftsmanship. They made specially designed jewelry and objects for us, but also the “ordinary” jewelry turned out to be a feast for the eyes. And besides that, they are just very nice people to meet.' Casper

Jan and Pauline have been my neighbors for years. All this time I have admired their work; original, sparkling and witnessing a lot of creativity. Especially the material of many of their creations has intrigued me; namely tantalum, a dark gray, hard and heavy metal.
So it makes sense that when my parents died and some of my mother's jewelry came my way, I immediately went to see them.
"Make something beautiful that I can use" was my request. The result was astonishing. Two of these are described.

My parents' wedding rings are on the inside of a wide, tantalum ring. You can see the rings move and shine through a square "window" in the ring.
"Now you always have your mother and father with you," said Jan. Very moving.
The three brilliants in a ring from my mother, including the original old-fashioned setting, are placed in a small box and placed on a "square" ring.
On the opposite side of this box, the gold of the old ring has been processed into a gold square, making the ring look like a signet ring.
The ring with the brilliants upwards exudes refined allure; with the golden square upwards, it is modest and masculine.

In total, Jan and Pauline made six rings for me. All equally chic, all equally refined
Here I would also like to mention the five pairs of cufflinks they designed and made; especially that of gold with tantalum is beautiful;

those of tantalum with lapis lazuli stones contained therein are impressive. I take them all in turn.

Certain of my descriptions can certainly be formulated better and perhaps more succinctly, using more correct terminology.
I especially like my description of the "square" ring with three diamonds. It does not do justice to my enthusiasm and admiration.

'Pauline has now made two beautiful pieces of jewelery for me. After my divorce (now 12 years ago) I asked Pauline to make a ring that symbolizes me and my two children. In a conversation I indicated what my wishes were and based on that, Pauline made a design. She listened very carefully to all my wishes and that is why in my case I used a ring that I received from my parents years ago as the basis for this ring from me and my children. In that ring I was the pivot of the family and my children circled around it in the form of titanium rings. Last year I approached Pauline again because the children are now older and I think we are more of a 3-unit and I am no longer the center of the family. While retaining all the elements that made the previous ring my ring (or mine and my kids) for me, she created a very nice custom design. What makes Pauline very special is that she thinks along with your wishes and really tries to put herself in who you are and what you want. During the process from the first ring to the second ring, she took me all the way by regularly sending a photo or video so that you feel that you are really part of the process.

I enjoy wearing the ring every day! ” Anja B

'We have a long history with Jan and now also with Pauline.

Our marriage was sealed more than 34 years ago with a wedding ring from Jan's hand and all our three children now wear a ring from Jan and Pauline.

A fantastic solution was also sought for the wedding ring that had become too small for me. This created a completely new ring that can renew itself again and again. Curious? Look at the pictures!' Hans and Cora Klip

Des arbres noueux et leurs racines
Là où l'amour est disparu et l'on s'est séparé du passé,

la cicatrice du vide est devenue doulouretainment visible.
Mais dans l'espace qui s'est créée à sa place,

des arbres noueux et leurs racines accueillent sans hésitation

le début de cette nouvelle étape de ma vie. Elsje Rebel

Gnarled trees and their roots

Where love disappeared and farewell has been said to the past,

the scar of the void became painfully visible.

But in the space created in that place,

welcome gnarled trees and their roots without hesitation

the start of this new phase in my life.  

Hello Jan and Paulien.
I am incredibly happy with my beautiful earrings.
Made especially for me, I feel very honored 😊.
I can also wear the ring again
Thank you very much, I am very happy with it 🤗🤗😊😊


Hello Jan and Paulien.
I am incredibly happy with my beautiful earrings.
Made especially for me, I feel very honored 😊.
I can also wear the ring again
Thank you very much, I am very happy with it 🤗🤗😊😊


Ter gelegenheid van zijn 80ste verjaardag wilde ik mijn man verrassen met een sieraad dat mijn nabijheid uitdrukte. Mijn man draagt graag iets op zijn revers. Het gouden drupje van Pauline spelt hij met plezier op. Ik had het idee om mijn vingerafdruk te gebruiken op het nieuwe sieraad. Een vingerafdruk is immers een onvervreemdbaar iets van mij.
Met dit uitgangspunt in gedachten gaat er een spannend proces beginnen, ik hardop denkend en fantaserend en Pauline luisterend, preciserend en tekenend. Wat een creatieve vindingrijkheid begint er dan te stromen! Als het idee een concrete vorm heeft gekregen begint het proces waarin zij met haar vakmanschap het sieraad te voorschijn tovert. Kom ik  het eindresultaat bekijken dan wordt mijn toch al hoge verwachting overtroffen. Het is prachtig geworden!
Ik kom graag bij Pauline, haar persoonlijke sfeer is warm en geduldig.
Zij is zelf een prachtig dubbelop sieraad!

Lieve Allebei

Wat een prachtige tentoonstelling hebben jullie in het zilvermuseum!!

Ik bewaar mooie herinneringen aan de lessen van jou Pauline.

Je kennis en vaardigheden maar vooral ook je innemende persoonlijkheid

Trots je te hebben leren kennen. Liefs Gonny